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Welcome ...

... in my web space. My name is Lionel Ducourant. I am 36. I am from Montpelier but I have been living in Paris for a few years.

One of my hobbies is editing videos. I shoot pictures in DVCAM or, more recently, in High Definition standard fir several domains. I undertake projects using Adobe, Apple Final Cut or Avid Xpress.

I graduated from ESTE in 2003, I then continued my studies with a degree in computer science and digital Communication at ESIEE Management in order to have a dual qualification: in technical matters and management.

After a first experience in research and development for an automotive supplier in 2002, I moved into the IT domain for one of the big four accountancy firms. Since 2006, I move on web projects, business processes and levers to sell products / services online (eCommerce): SEO, Affiliate program, Web 2.0 for the transport and for air in particular.

Also, if you rollerblade, you can see me at the Friday Night Fever roller skating (FNF) and Sunday (Rando of whelks!). These Parisian events occur weekly and attract thousands of french and Foreign people.

Enjoy your visit!